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New Year, New Beginnings

Welcome 2013 and all the amazing things that come with a brand new year!!


picket fenced pond

my new backyard

When I sit at my table, sipping a cuppa tea, watching the little birds fluttering in my backyard, and the cranes searching for fish in our pond, I can’t help but be filled with peace and wonder. I can’t believe where I am today. I am assured that this new year will be filled with many great things.

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Happy New Year! 2012

Happy New Year

Bokeh from my parents Christmas tree

Here’s to another year!

Thank you to everyone who has kept up with my blog. I have big things in store for 2012. I will try and share them with you. Read the rest of this entry »

Resolving Resolutions

Happy 2011 Everyone!

pink polymer charms

Pink Polymer Preview

The holidays are over. The new year has begun. Now everyone is thinking about goals and resolutions. I too, have some things in mind I would like to achieve over the course of this year. Instead of the term “resolution” I will use the term “challenge.”

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