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New Year, New Beginnings

Welcome 2013 and all the amazing things that come with a brand new year!!


picket fenced pond

my new backyard

When I sit at my table, sipping a cuppa tea, watching the little birds fluttering in my backyard, and the cranes searching for fish in our pond, I can’t help but be filled with peace and wonder. I can’t believe where I am today. I am assured that this new year will be filled with many great things.

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Hello everyone. Sorry for the absence on the blog front. There has been a lot happening on my side of the universe which has kept me from giving my blog some love. The most major thing that has happened is a schedule change. My husband works in the IT field, and was assigned to the Third Shift, also known as the Graveyard shift (yeah, pretty sure vampires work this shift). Since I am self-employed it was in our best interest as a team for me to join him on his shift…


So I have been living the life of a vampire–minus the blood sucking and immortality.

My day begins around 5pm and ends around 8am. I sleep during the daylight hours and only see maybe a total of 2 hours of sunlight in a given day. Thankfully with daylight savings I have been able to see more of the sun recently than before.


Anyways, the new schedule has changed my focus a little when it comes to designs. I wasn’t spending much time on my crafting, and while I have a few new recipes to share, I have a hard time taking photos, since lighting is a huge problem at night. I do hope to share a couple recipes soon. Read the rest of this entry »