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Pin-Win Easter: Pinterest Inspired

A few last minute Easter ideas from Pinterest.

Rice dyed eggs

Rice dyed eggs


Add 10-15 drops of food coloring to zip bag full of 1/4 cup dry rice. Mix until all rice is covered. Drop hardboiled eggs into bags and shake to desired color.




Unroll one refrigerated cinnamon roll and shape into ears. Pinch to attach to a rolled bun. You can also unroll half a roll then make ears and attach for smaller bunny pictured here. Repeat for desired amount of bunnies. Cook as directed and frost.

Rice dyed eggs

Rice dyed eggs

Be careful with the food dyed eggs. The coloring might come off if it gets damp. I got a little on my hands from taking them out of the refrigerator. They had a little condensation. The color washed off my hands after a couple washes.

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For the Pin: Cookies

Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Horse!


Some friends and I enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year, when we can. This year we’re having a small gathering, just a few friends, some Chinese takeout from the nearby restaurant, and an Asian film—we’re still not sure if we’re watching Mulan or House of Flying Daggers.


Since I’m hosting the activities I decided to try my hand at Almond Cookies. I’ve never had Chinese Almond Cookies before, so I turned to my trusted source of recipes: Pinterest.


I found lots of great recipes, however I decided on this one:

Almond Cookie Crisps

(original recipe found here: link )

Almond Crisps

Almond Crisps


I chose this recipe for two reasons.

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For the Pin – Baby Shower Edition

I recently co-hosted a baby shower for my best friend!

baby boy woodland marker board art

Marker board art by me for the shower

She is having a little boy and decorating her nursery in a forest/woodland theme, so we decided to use that same theme for the shower. Much of the décor was inspired by things found on Pinterest. I must say these were all Pin Wins in my book and the shower was a huge success.

Diaper Wreath

diaper wreath

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with this impressive diaper wreath, which I found detailed instructions on This was really simple to make and had a big impact. You can get creative and add toys, bottles, or like I did – lotion, powder, and diaper cream. After the shower, I deconstructed the wreath and sent all the goods home with Mommy-to-be. Read the rest of this entry »

Pin Win – Valentine Special

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the day of love and so what better way to spread love than a cute cat with a stuffed animal and a Pinterest Success?

Chai and his monkey

Chai and his monkey

This is my cat, Chai Chai with his stuffed monkey. He’s had that monkey since he was a kitten and still loves it.

I caught him “hugging” ripping the monkey’s face off, and just had to snap a picture of the cuteness to share. Read the rest of this entry »

For The Pin – DIY, Recipes, and Home Improvement

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So I’ve found myself mildly addicted to pinterest.

The overall appeal is that I can pin recipes and projects into boards and then access these boards via the app on my smartphone. In other words I find myself in the kitchen looking through my pins for recipes on my phone. It is quite convenient since I don’t have to print a recipe or save recipe links to my desktop anymore. I absolutely love it! Also it’s image based sharing, which is very appealing to a visual person like myself.

So, in honor of the many things I have pinned and tried I would like to start a feature on my blog “For the Pin” where I share my Pin Wins and Pin Fails.

To start off these feature I will discuss a couple simple pins I’ve already implemented on a regular basis.

First a Pin Win DIY project

DIY Wrapping Paper Bow

DIY Wrapping Paper Bow

Original Post is from Simply Julie

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