My name is Cynthia Millsap. Welcome to my little nook on the web where I share my hobbies.

MetaCynth What’s in a name? As humans we are constantly evolving, changing and learning. I love to challenge myself with new projects. When I look at crafts or recipes I think, “I can do that.” Meta is short for metamorphosis, which is the process by which a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. My name, Cynthia, means “moon personified” or “moon goddess.” Which is why there’s a crescent moon for the C in my logo. Simply put, MetaCynth is the Metamorphosis of Cynthia, aka me.

I Write, I Draw, I Make Things: I’m a writer. I write fantasy, some scifi, and mostly YA fiction. I love a good fairy tale and hope to one day publish a few of my own. I draw on occasion and share my art mostly on deviantArt: here. I also love to make things, whether it’s DIY art for the home, decor for a party, or recipes for my family’s daily needs. I get tons of ideas from Pinterest and you can follow my boards here. I also make charms and accessories, which you can purchase from my Etsy Shop here.

My BJDS: I have a growing collection of Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, most of which have been customized into characters from my writings, specifically the Shilon universe. You can learn more about my dolls on my deviantArt here or my YouTube channel here.

Personal Thoughts: I accidentally double majored in Psychology and Sociology in college, which lead to my Bachelors Degree. I have a growing fascination with the way we humans think and interact. Much of my writing and imagination comes from the inner workings of our mind. Internal conflict plays a heavy role in many of my character’s actions. I love villains who aren’t black and white. I believe that one thing villains and geniuses have in common is a touch of insanity. I hope to write believable characters regardless of their roles in their stories.

Thank you for visiting!

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