Great Pumpkin Search 2015: In the Kitchen

It’s the week before Halloween. Many pumpkins are being carved into spooky faces to scare away the monsters that lurk on All Hallows Eve. Here at Creations from the Creative I’m carving up pumpkins to eat.

I’ll share some quick-make pumpkin delights, straight from a store, and two DIY recipe perfect for Halloween.

(Read on for an adult beverage recipe as well as a great rice dish featuring roasted pumpkin).


Before I dive into the DIY, I wanted to add a quick review of

Burger King’s Oreo Pumpkin Milkshake.

Burger King Oreo Pumpkin Milkshake |

Burger King Oreo Pumpkin Milkshake

I couldn’t resist sipping it down before snapping a quick photo. This shake tastes like Oreos with just a hint of pumpkin spice. The Oreo crumbles are the main star in this drink. Pumpkin is just a by-standard, but they make a good pair. I have to admit there was a smoky aftertaste that I’m not sure was intended. I think it might have been the byproduct of the shake being made near the burger broiler.


Now, onto the DIY!

First we have Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Muffins from Williams and Sonoma.

Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Quick Bread from Williams and Sonoma |

Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Quick Bread from Williams and Sonoma


This is a powder mix that you add eggs, butter, and water to. You can make a pumpkin loaf (cream cheese frosting recipe written on bag). Or make muffins, like I did.

I really enjoyed these muffins. They are packed with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice with a delicate pumpkin flavor. Extremely moist, as most baked pumpkin goods tend to be, they can go bad quickly if you don’t store them properly. I’ve heard putting a paper towel in your covered dish helps reduce moisture, however these did not stick around long enough to worry about.


Next we have Pillsbury Grands Cinnabon Pumpkin Spice Rolls and Icing.

Pillsbury Grands Cinnabon Pumpkin Spice Rolls and Icing |

Pillsbury Grands Cinnabon Pumpkin Spice Rolls and Icing

These were delicious, but again, the pumpkin spice got lost in all the sugar. They weren’t remarkable, but if you’re looking for a treat, these are nice with a cup of black tea or coffee.


Last year, around this glorious time of year, I was pregnant. To my surprise, delight, and disappointment pumpkin spice hit the liquor shelves. I wasn’t about to give into temptation on that one, no question. It’s not like I’m much of a drinker, so the only time I was a little sad was when I saw Pumpkin Spice Kahlua, Pumpkin Pie Vodka, and Pumpkin Spice Cream Liquor.


This year I was determined to not be let down, so I sent my husband in during September to see if they had released any pumpkin infused libations. He found me this little bottle.

Pennsylvania Dutch Pumpkin Cream Liqueur.

Pennsylvania Dutch Pumpkin Cream Liqueur |

Pennsylvania Dutch Pumpkin Cream Liqueur

I threw it in the fridge immediately and dreamed of all the crazy things I could make, which really wasn’t as much as I’d imagined.

Pictured is a Grown-Up Pumpkin Spice, Iced Latte.

• 2 oz Pumpkin Cream Liqueur

• 3 one ounce coffee ice cubes

• Coconut milk or creamer to taste (you could use whatever milk you prefer)

• Topped with whip cream and cinnamon

• I use a straw to stir the ice around and YUM, you’re done


What’s awesome about frozen coffee cubes is that as the ice melts it actually makes your drink taste like coffee, instead of watering it down. I will nurse one cocktail for hours when I’m at home, and if it’s super sweet, so having coffee ice is so so nice. By the time I’m at the bottom of the glass, it tastes like Starbucks, but with a buzz. Just kidding. You’d have to mix a lot more of that liqueur to get a buzz.

I’m not a heavy drinker so I like to keep my drinks light and minimum. I really did enjoy this. I’ve made it a few times, even adding regular Khalua for that coffee kick. I can’t wait to find the pumpkin spice Khalua, I bet I could mix these two together with a splash of milk and get a pumpkin spice mudslide.


And finally, the perfect dish for Halloween

Roasted Pumpkin over Forbidden Rice

Roasted Pumpkin over Forbidden Rice - Perfect Halloween Dish |

Roasted Pumpkin over Forbidden Rice

This was super easy to make.

You will need:

• 1 Cup Forbidden Rice, black rice, or wild black rice (all natural and gluten free)

• An onion (I chose red for that purple Halloween color)

• A medium pie pumpkin

• 2-3 Tbs Olive Oil

• Salt and Seasonings of choice (I used Rosemary and lemon juice) to taste


1.) Cook rice according to package directions.

2.) Gut your pumpkin, remove seeds (save for roasting if you want). Cut pumpkin into bite-size pieces and remove skin. (I recommend giving yourself plenty of time for this task. It is a lot of work. Pumpkin skin is tough stuff, so it takes time to cut it off, but the results are worth it).

3.) Cut your onion into nice chunks (not too small).

4.) Toss onion and pumpkin in olive oil. Season with salt and your choice of spices or herbs. I used rosemary and added a few splashes of lemon juice. You can go for sweet, adding cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. Or you could do spicy with chili or curry spices. It’s really up to whatever flavor profile you enjoy. Pumpkin is great savory or sweet.

5.) Bake in a 400° F oven for about 30 minutes. Time could vary depending on the size of your pumpkin pieces. Smaller cooks quicker.

6.) Pour warm rice into a dish. Dump pumpkin/onion mixture over top and enjoy!


Can be served warm or room temp. Store in the fridge for a few days.

If you want to make this a meal, add your favorite protein. I’m going to add some Kelbasa and have this as our dinner on Halloween. You could also add pecans, walnuts, or feta crumbles for an extra touch. Keep it vegan by adding tofu or dark lentils.


I hope you enjoyed the recipes and treats. Next post will be in November, where we’ll be searching for Great Pumpkin delights for Thanksgiving.


Do you have any fun pumpkin recipes you enjoy around the holidays? Feel free to share in the comments, or on facebook and twitter @MetaCynth.


Until Next Time

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