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Suddenly, I’m a Mom: Dealing With Expectations

Life never goes as we plan.

In fact, I’ve learned over the years to limit my expectations on certain things.

Marriage wasn’t what I was expecting, and once I tossed my expectations aside and learned to understand my husband as he was (not what everyone told me men were or husbands were supposed to be) we’ve had an extraordinary marriage. I’ve learned to grow with him, and learn from him, not statistics or generalizations. I married one person, not the average man.

When I became pregnant I knew I needed to toss any expectations about pregnancy and my child out the window right away. I lived each moment for what it was, a single moment on the chain of life, strung together like a beautiful necklace. I accepted what came as it happened and tried not of listen to the words of other moms who kept trying to compare my experience to theirs. I listened to my doctors and my body.

Then, at 31 weeks my doctors were concerned about the size of my baby. I went to get tested, which sent me to the hospital. While getting tested, it turned out I had HELLP Syndrome, which is a form of Preeclampsia. To protect my child and me the doctors had to take the baby early and do an emergency C-section. On my release papers it actually said “Cesarean Section (Complicated).”


Both Babyboy and I made it through the procedure just fine. My son is in the NICU as I write this, growing and getting stronger every day. I’m at home, healing and resting from the first major surgery I’ve ever had.


It’s only been two weeks since the procedure. The whole experience was very surreal. I was calm and peaceful during the procedure and the days following in the hospital. It was over 24 hours after my son was born that I was even well enough to go see him in the NICU.


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