January is Hot Tea Month – Let’s Celebrate!


January is Hot Tea Month - Let's Celebrate! | metacynth.com

January is Hot Tea Month – Let’s Celebrate!

I enjoy hot tea daily. I try to have a tea time ritual at twice a day, time permitting. I usually have a morning tea around 10am with a light snack and an afternoon tea around 2pm also with a snack. So in honor of Hot Tea Month, I would like to share some of my tea time rituals with you.


First the tea.

I love Adagio Teas. I have been sipping a variety of tea from Adagio the past couple months. I found that I prefer black tea. Earl Grey Moonlight, Earl Grey Lavender, and Summer Rose are just a few of my favorites. I’ve also had the pleasure of trying Harney and Sons Chocolate Peppermint Tea, which tastes like Christmas candy.


Earl Grey Tea Cookies | metacynth.com

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

With my cuppa, I like to have some cookies or biscuits. I made my favorite Earl Grey Tea Cookes (recipe from previous post) complete with a teaspoon of lavender for that extra touch. These cookies are so addictive. It takes a lot of resolve not to eat the entire batch in one go.

Thankfully they are easy to make and freeze well, so I can whip up several batches and try different flavors, like my other favorite: Earl Grey Rose (I just add a teaspoon of dried, food grade rose petals to the recipe).


I also decided to make a batch of drop sugar cookies.

Modified Sugar Cookies - Rosemary, Earl Grey Rose, and Earl Grey Lavender | metacynth.com

Modified Sugar Cookies – Rosemary, Earl Grey Rose, and Earl Grey Lavender

I was given some premixed drop sugar cookies for Christmas, and I thought, I bet I could make these even better.

So I mixed up the dough and separated it into three parts. To one part I mixed in some sea salt and rosemary. Another part I added earl grey and rose petals. The third part I mixed in earl grey, lavender, and a smidgen of vanilla. I then baked them per the directions.

Surprisingly these cookies turned out more like scones than cookies, but they are heavenly! They are the perfect addition to a nice hot cup of tea.

This was so easy to do, and I recommend experimenting with your favorite sugar cookie recipes to see what fun new flavor you can create.


Other ways to include tea in your routine for Hot Tea Month is tea candies, tea chocolate, matcha mints, or using green tea body products. There are plenty of recipes that use tea for glaze, added flavor, and texture. Try adding some chai tea to your oatmeal (since January is also Oatmeal Month).


For more tea recipes check out my Pinterest Tea Time Board.


Are you celebrating Hot Tea Month? Share your tea recipes, ideas, and experiences in the comments or on facebook and twitter.


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