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January is Hot Tea Month – Let’s Celebrate!


January is Hot Tea Month - Let's Celebrate! |

January is Hot Tea Month – Let’s Celebrate!

I enjoy hot tea daily. I try to have a tea time ritual at twice a day, time permitting. I usually have a morning tea around 10am with a light snack and an afternoon tea around 2pm also with a snack. So in honor of Hot Tea Month, I would like to share some of my tea time rituals with you.


First the tea.

I love Adagio Teas. I have been sipping a variety of tea from Adagio the past couple months. I found that I prefer black tea. Earl Grey Moonlight, Earl Grey Lavender, and Summer Rose are just a few of my favorites. I’ve also had the pleasure of trying Harney and Sons Chocolate Peppermint Tea, which tastes like Christmas candy.


Earl Grey Tea Cookies |

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

With my cuppa, I like to have some cookies or biscuits. I made my favorite Earl Grey Tea Cookes (recipe from previous post) complete with a teaspoon of lavender for that extra touch. These cookies are so addictive. It takes a lot of resolve not to eat the entire batch in one go.

Thankfully they are easy to make and freeze well, so I can whip up several batches and try different flavors, like my other favorite: Earl Grey Rose (I just add a teaspoon of dried, food grade rose petals to the recipe).


I also decided to make a batch of drop sugar cookies. Read the rest of this entry »