2014 – Reflections

Reflections- angell-studio BJD metacynth.com


2014 Has been a wonderful year.

The last few months were a whirlwind of amazing opportunity and insight. I’ve learned so much that I hope to apply in 2015.


I went a writers conference in October (Atlanta Writers Conference) where I met so many wonderful writers as well as agents and editors. The feedback I received on my projects was spot on and sent me into a frenzy of revisions throughout November.


December brought holidays, family, and friends. Much of the my work was on pause while I enjoyed time with loved ones.


I plan to attack 2015 with fervor and use what I’ve learned to enhance my writing.


On the hobby front, I purchased two new dolls in 2014.

Gwendolen my Angell-Studio Ice Queen

Heart of Ice - Gwendolen, angell-studio Ice Queen BJD - Metacynth.com

Heart of Ice


Amorithia my DollZone Tulip

Watching Shadows - Amorithia - DollZone Tulip BJD - metacynth.com

Watching Shadows

I love these ladies so much and plan to take more photos of them in the upcoming year.

I am hoping to do a special project with Gwendolen and possibly purchase some companions for her, in time.

I have started a layaway for a DollZone Chen, to be Amorithia’s companion and the last of my Shilon dolls. Once he arrives, I think I may start some photo projects with the rest of my dolls. It is quite ambitious, and I hope I will have time to achieve my goals.


While I am focusing most of my energies towards writing, I will also be stepping into the new role of MOM come Spring 2015. I have never been a mother before, and though I’m sitting here letting my body create this new life, I am still filled with uncertainty and excitement. There is much I will learn as I go, and with that I am unsure how much of my goals I will be able to achieve. Regardless, I won’t stop trying.


As 2014 comes to a close, I can’t help but look back at the year with joy. Though the beginning was a trial I am now proud I overcame, the rest of the year was a landslide in a new direction.

I look forward to taking on 2015.


How was your year? Are you looking forward to a new start or new adventures in 2015?

I hope you are and I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with good tidings and joy.


~Until Next Time

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