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What’s in a Name?

I was recently asked about the etymology behind my characters’ names and it got me thinking… that’s a great topic for a blog post.

Gwendolen Queen of Boreal

Gwendolen Queen of Boreal

I named my newest doll, Gwendolen. Before she was named Gwendolen, I called her Freezia—which, now seems completely unoriginal. Back when I first imagined my Ice Queen I made up the name Freezia, because it sounded like a cool play on the word Freeze and Freesia (the flower). Well, once I got the doll and went public with her I realized that Freezia no longer fit the flow of my other dolls, or Shilon characters, so I went to the internet for inspiration.


And that’s where I nearly always start. The internet. Or sometimes baby name books.

When I’m trying to come up with a name for a character I usually search names that mean something that represents the character I’m writing. Gwendolen for example means “white ring.” I felt this was perfect for my Ice Queen, as it has a much broader meaning than frozen flower. Plus the name sounded better than Freezia.


I also research other languages. For Gwendolen, I was searching for the word “ice” in other languages. I also searched for “winter,” “snow,” and, “cold.” Luckily I didn’t really search that long in these categories as the baby name search proved better results.

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