The Ice Queen – My New Doll

Gwendolen - Angell-Studio Ice Queen Hilda

Gwendolen – Angell-Studio Ice Queen Hilda


Heavy Crown

A crown is a heavy burden.

Queen Gwendolen of the Northern Kingdom Boreal has worn hers for nearly a thousand years.

Throughout the centuries her subjects have reduced her to fairytale, forgetting the truth of their shared past.

The glimmering lights of the Aurora Borealis prove that Queen Gwendolen’s frozen palace still stands, it’s mistress very much alive, quietly reigning over her kingdom.


I’ve amassed quite the doll collection over the past few years.

Coming in at number 12 is my new Ice Queen, Gwendolen.

Gwendolen is an Angell-Studio Limted Edition Ice Queen Hilda.

I purchased her as a full-set complete with company face-up, blushing, clothes, accessories, and transparent legs.

I bought her through Mint on Card.


Watch the Box Opening Video:

I am thrilled with this girl. She is very elegant and refined. The perfect doll to build my Ice Queen around.


Queen Gwendolen has been a character in the back of my head almost as long as Amniese has. The exception is that Gwendolen’s story hasn’t been told, or fully developed. I hope to one day bring her story to life and share it with you, but for now we’ll all have to settle for fun pictures of the doll.


On a personal note: I plan to update this website soon and hopefully make a full doll section for my YouTube subscribers to come and learn even more about my characters and dolls. Until then I’m keeping busy and working on projects (plural).


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  • Tulin Oruch:

    Hi Cynthia 🙂 My name is Tulin Oruch. I am 23 years old girl/woman. I live in Norway, in the city of Bergen.

    And I just wanted you to know that I LOVE your imagination. I watch all your youtube videoes, I read your blog and I have checked out your art work on diviantart.

    Im writing this massage to you because I want you to know that you have a fan in Norway. I hope to read your book someday <3 I do not have a website of my own, but you can find me on facebook.

    You have so many creative names for your characters. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about etmolgoy behind the names….

    You have inspired me so much, so THANK YOU <3

    • Hi Tulin 🙂
      Thank you so much for being a fan and enjoying my characters. I hope you can read my book someday too. Modern technology and the internet are amazing tools. That we can live so far away and still connect to each other is amazing. Norway looks beautiful, I hope to one day visit.

      The etymology behind my characters’ names is such a great topic, I think it will be my next blog post. I can say I usually research names that mean something for each character. I also have certain criteria I look for in names, and some names that I flat out make up, so I think going into a bit of detail behind that could be fun. Thanks for the question.

      I hope to continue to inspire you and others for a long time. Thank you again for being a fan and your kind words. 🙂

  • Tulin Oruch:

    Hello again Cynthia 🙂 I agree that technology is a wonderful tool. It is almost miraculous that we can comunicate with each other when we live on two different continents.

    And yes, Norway is beautiful and you should visit if you get the chance. It is said that we have Europe’s most beautiful scenery.

    And when we talk about the beautiful scenery and the aurora borealis, people from all over the world come here to see the Northern Lights.
    It’s really beautiful. It is reminding of your character Gwendolen Queen of the Northern Boreal Kingdom <3

    Best Regards Tulin Oruch

  • Kj:

    Hi Metacynth,
    I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to never give up on my dream of writing my own book. (Which is now a work in progress) and for saying it’s ok to be a big girl and (still) play with dolls. I also loved watching your videos when I was waiting for my bjd to arrive, tjey were very helpful.
    Thank you,

    • You’re welcome KJ.
      I’m glad I could inspire and encourage you on your dreams. I think you’re never too old to enjoy the things you love.
      Thank you for watching my videos and I’m glad they helped you while you waited for your doll.

      • Kj:

        No problem,
        I had to restring her for the first time recently, that was really painful, but now my doll is strung together again! Yay!

        • KL,
          Restringing can be a pain for sure. Llyr was a pain when I restrung him. After that I only restring my dolls if they absolutely need it. I’ve been able to do their body blushings without taking them apart, which was the original reason I restrung the first few. Now, I only do it to change fantasy parts or if they get floppy.
          It does feel good when you get that doll back together the right way though. Congrats on getting your doll restrung successfully!

  • Kj:

    I’m really excited for my next bjd! I’m getting Angel-Studio’s Michael Night version. I’m really excited for him to get here, I can’t wait to pose him with my first one, Rayne. Also, congratulations on your Baby Boy!!!!

    • Thank you! Michael Night version is a really cool looking sculpt. I hope he looks great with Rayne.

      • Kj:

        I actually tried to make her a wig, but that turned out awful…

        • Ha. I know what that’s like. I made a little wig for one of my tinies, and it wasn’t very good. It ended up being hard like a furry helmet, lol. I’ve made lots of random things for my dolls, and while a good portion of those things are failures, I learned from them. I’ve also learned what I’m willing to pay for instead of make 😉 . Best wishes on your doll adventures.

  • Kj:

    Thanks, You have been an inspiration for me ever since I discovered the BJD hobby. My book started as fanfic for my favorite book, and now, I have started writing the second chapter! Thank you, for the advice, the understanding and most of all, Never being too old dolls.

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