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Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Horse!


Some friends and I enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year, when we can. This year we’re having a small gathering, just a few friends, some Chinese takeout from the nearby restaurant, and an Asian film—we’re still not sure if we’re watching Mulan or House of Flying Daggers.


Since I’m hosting the activities I decided to try my hand at Almond Cookies. I’ve never had Chinese Almond Cookies before, so I turned to my trusted source of recipes: Pinterest.


I found lots of great recipes, however I decided on this one:

Almond Cookie Crisps

(original recipe found here: link )

Almond Crisps

Almond Crisps


I chose this recipe for two reasons.


1.) I’ve been in love with crispy cookies lately.

My bestie made these Earl Grey Cookies ( recipe here ) for my birthday, and I’ve been totally addicted.

I’ve made and ate all by myself two batches already.

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

Earl Grey Tea Cookies


Second reason for this recipe is simply because I had all the ingredients on hand.


So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work in the kitchen.

• Get the full Almond Crisp Cookies recipe at Barbara Bakes


I made some slight changes to the original recipe, due to my ingredients. I used All-purpose unbleached flour instead of regular all-purpose flour.

I also made my own Castor Sugar. It’s super easy, just take your regular granulated sugar (I used natural cane sugar) and grind it in a food processor or, in my case, a bullet blender until you achieve a really fine consistency—not powder, just really fine.


I was worried about the cup of almond slivers, because it seemed like a lot when I added them to the batter. I also had a hard time getting the cookies to spread out enough so the almonds didn’t overlap. In the end I think my cookies are a bit thicker than the original recipe. I think I’ll try to use a smaller spoon to put the batter on the cookies sheet. With practice I’m confident I’ll get smaller, thinner cookies.

I had to cook them a little bit longer (about 3 minutes) to get the golden color, which really was just golden around the edges, because I’m impatient.


The consistency is a little like crepes when you first take them off the cookie sheet and place them on the cooling rack. I was a little impatient and ate one before it cooled completely. It was pretty good. It had a delicate taste, not too sweet (because of the almonds) and not too crisp. You’re supposed to wait until they cool, because they crisp up.


They do crisp up once they cool. I will admit I think the size of mine were a bit too thick for a really nice crispy cookie, but these are good. Surprisingly not too sweet with a delicate almond flavor. The texture is really crunchy with the almond slivers.

I was only able to get about a dozen cookies out of this recipe, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I made them way too big. I think if I made it using a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon I could  double the amount and possibly get smaller, crispier cookies.


I let my husband taste one, which turned into two…


I had to make another batch of the Earl Grey Cookies just to keep us from eating all of these Almond Crisps before tonight’s festivities.

Hopefully we’ll be able to save some for my guests.


What recipes have you had success with on Pinterest? Please, share in the comments.


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