For the Pin – Baby Shower Edition

I recently co-hosted a baby shower for my best friend!

baby boy woodland marker board art

Marker board art by me for the shower

She is having a little boy and decorating her nursery in a forest/woodland theme, so we decided to use that same theme for the shower. Much of the décor was inspired by things found on Pinterest. I must say these were all Pin Wins in my book and the shower was a huge success.

Diaper Wreath

diaper wreath

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with this impressive diaper wreath, which I found detailed instructions on This was really simple to make and had a big impact. You can get creative and add toys, bottles, or like I did – lotion, powder, and diaper cream. After the shower, I deconstructed the wreath and sent all the goods home with Mommy-to-be.

Crochet banner

crochet banner

I crocheted this lovely banner and hung it over the peep through window of my kitchen, where we served drinks. I got the pattern from and HeartSeamstress’s video. This was a lovely filler banner, and obviously could be adapted for any color theme. As many of the decorations, this went home with Mommy-to-be to decorate her nursery.

Tissue Paper Poms

tissue paper poms

Next I made these lovely tissue paper flowers and hung them from my ceiling. The original pin is found at Thoughtfully Simple here, but the detailed instructions are over at Martha Stewart. These were super easy to make and didn’t take much time at all. I made them in batches, cutting the paper in half to make the smaller ones.

woodland felt plushies

woodland felt plushies

I also crafted these little critters to go throughout the rooms. I got the inspiration from where you can buy a really cute woodland themed pattern, but I created my own pattern to match the shower invitations. I tried to keep the shapes simple and use embroidery thread to add the details, like the eyes and nose/beaks. These were a huge hit, and I had to keep an eye out for some of the guests who wanted to keep them for themselves. Thankfully they all made it home with Mommy-to-be.

candy dishes from flower pots

candy dishes from flower pots

upcycled candy dish - from pickle jar and split pea soup mix

upcycled candy dish – from pickle jar and split pea soup

For fun and filler, I made these candy dishes using a flower pot trio I had purchased a while ago from Lowes. I lined each pot with tissue paper and then filled it with candy. I also used a repurposed pickle jar filled halfway with dried split peas (the kind you buy in a bag at the grocery store) and topped it off with individually wrapped tea candies from Trader Joes that matched the green color theme.

Up All Night Diapers

Up All Night Diapers

For activities I used the leftover diapers from the wreath for “Up All Night Diapers.” I got the idea from Guests were asked to write funny or encouraging sayings on the diapers for those late night changings Mommy-to-be will be faced with. These were hilarious! Guests really took this idea to the full and created some fun images and sayings that I’m certain will put a smile on Mommy-to-be’s tired face.

wishes for baby

Wishes For Baby

This has been floating around Pinterest in various colors. The free printable pdf can be found at A special request from Mommy-to-be, we had guests fill out their Wishes For Baby. These were very sweet and endearing. Mommy-to-be read them after the shower and not only giggled, but got warm fuzzies at some of the wonderful sentiments people had for her baby.

Baby Guess Who, Starring You

Baby Guess Who, Starring You

Another Mommy-to-be request was the “Baby Guess Who, Starring You,” game, from When guests RSVP’ed, they were asked to email or bring pictures of themselves as babies to the shower. Once all the guests had arrived we hung the participant’s pictures along the wall using numbered clothespins. Then everyone tried to Guess Who. We surprisingly had a tie with two people guessing every single baby correctly!

party favor fox and owl grab bags

party favor fox and owl grab bags

After Mommy-to-be opened gifts and everyone had their fill of mini cupcakes and coffee, we said goodbye. Each guest was sent home with one of these adorable goodie bags. These were inspired by this image, but my co-host and I, freehanded the patterns to make an owl and a fox. They were really cute and well received by everyone including my husband who was happy to munch on left over candies.


It was a very cozy shower filled with close friends and acquaintances, who wished Mommy-to-be a wonderful birth and even better future with her little boy. There was lots of love and appreciation. Mommy-to-be couldn’t have been happier and for my co-host and I, we couldn’t have had a better time.


I think this was a shower filled with Pin Wins and success!


Do you have any Baby Shower Pin Wins to share? Have you tried some of the Pinspirations above with success or failure? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below or on my facebook page.


~ Until Next Time

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