A Foodie in France

paris, france, eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower at Night

Paris, City of Lights, City of Love, City of History, and the City of French Cuisine!

I recently spent a week vacation in Paris, France, and while I climbed all the steps of the Eiffel Tower, heard the bells of Notre Dame blast through my soul amongst the gargoyles, traipsed the bowels of Paris up close and personal with ancient bones in the catacombs, I must say that after coming back home and going through those memorable pictures it is the scenes of food that really stood out.

And so, I realized I’m a foodie.

croque italian and hot tea, Paris, France

Croque Italian and Mariage tea! One of the many meals in Paris, France.

Sure, I’ve traveled the Caribbean on cruises, and tasted the authentic cuisines of the colorful cultures, but somehow I didn’t fully realize how much of a foodie I was until Paris. Paris has a plethora of amazing cuisine from the delicate, cracker and cakey centered confections called macaroons, to the commonplace street side crepes made fresh before your eyes. And like the croque Italian sandwich pictured above, everything is made with the freshest ingredients brought to the city daily.

We started our trip with a classic, croissant (complementary from the apartment we rented), but I had to try the apricot croissant we bought at the grocery store on the corner first. The fruit was super fresh, tangy and a little juicy. The pastry was perfectly flaky with a buttery melt in your mouth quality.

Snack Time: Apricot Crescent

Snack Time: Apricot Croissant

Nothing can compare to having fresh baked goods every morning for breakfast. A brisk morning stroll in the cool 45°F weather is the best way to get the hunger going. But you don’t have stroll far, the bakery we visited was right on the corner. We could take our baked delicacies, like this chocolate rolled pastry and chouquette (the tiny round thing with chunks of sugar on top -pictured below), on the road or back up to our room for a lazy morning complete with hot tea. While I paired my baked goods with a variety of hot tea (made with loose leaf) my husband enjoyed plenty of robust café crème.

French baked goods

Chouquette and chocolate crescent – Breakfast from the corner Boulangerie!

My first meal in Paris was a ham and cheese galette – a warm buckwheat crepe filled with gooey cheese. This was amazing! It was salty, cheesy, and oh so satisfying. The side salad had a zesty vinegar dressing that I noticed seemed to come standard on all side salads in Paris.

Galette - Buckwheat crepe

First meal in Paris – Savory Crepe with the most amazing cheese ever!

Speaking of crepes, I thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety and availability of local creperies throughout the cobbled streets of Paris. Made fresh, right before your eyes, you can order sweet crepes filled with jellies, chocolate sauce, or fruits. If sweet isn’t your style, you can also order more galette or savory buckwheat crepes filled with cheese, meat, or veggies.

fresh crepes, Paris, France

Warm Crepe on a Chilly Wet Day!

galette, buckwheat crepes, with peach tea

Savory Crepes and Peach Tea!


I must say that on a cold and rainy evening in Paris, after climbing the 387 steps (both up and down) to visit gargling gargoyles up close, my husband and I were more than ready for a warm meal. We found Kiosques Flottant, a quaint little floating restaurant on the Seine River. I must say that from all the food we ate in Paris, this meal was the absolute best. We had honey, ginger glazed duck breast, with mashed honey, garlic, ginger carrots. I can’t even begin to explain how satisfying and amazing this zesty combination was.

honey glazed duck and garlic ginger carrots, Paris, France

Dinner on Kiosques Flottant – Boat Resteraunt on Seine River outside Notre Dame (Best Dinner!)

Our second favorite meal was outside the luxurious Lourve Museum, at Angelina Tearoom. The wait staff were dressed as butlers and French maids. The service was wonderful. Though our main course of quiche was good, I must say the dessert was out of this world. I had the Mont-Blanc, with Angelina’s house blended Mont-Blanc, loose leaf, hot tea, while my husband had the famous chocolate chaud (hot chocolate), and millefeuille cake! The fresh crème, and the sugary fondant were paired perfectly in the Mont-Blanc. Not to mention the fact that it was a Tea House in Paris, France! Did, I mention I love tea?

angelina tea room, Paris, France

Mont Blanc, Mont-Blanc Tea, Millefeuille, and Chocolat Chaud – at Angelina’s Tearoom

On the topic of sweets, if you ever find yourself on the streets of Paris, or visiting France, do not hesitate to try the macaroons. A rainbow of colors and flavors, these crispy and cakey confections are not only pleasing to the palate, but beautiful to behold. They come in so many flavors, it’s hard to decide which one to try, so grab a variety. I loved them so much I bought a large box to share with friends and family when I returned and to keep some for myself.

Macaroons, Paris, France

Macaroons, macaroons, macaroons!

Paris was truly a memorable experience, one that I wish I could share with you all. The history and beauty not only in the museums but in the day to day architecture is truly a site to behold. Though our time felt so short, the memories are forever. I find myself wishing I had a bakery on the corner and crepe stand on every street instead of the fast food joints that are so commonplace in the states. Though I’ve tried with some success to recreate the French flavors at home, it just doesn’t compare to the real thing. Someday, if I get the chance, I will visit again. There is still so much I have yet to see, and so much art to take in, I’m sure it would be another memorable trip.

Gargoyle, Notre-Dame, Paris France

Bell Towers of Notre-Dame

Have you ever visited Paris and tasted of her delights? What is your favorite French food, or dessert?

Until Next Time. 🙂

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