Love, True Love

Equal Love

Equal Love

In Shilon it is a great taboo for one to marry outside their Clan. Though there are no written laws that forbid such unions, the fear of ostracization is so strong amongst the peoples of Shilon that it is impossible to imagine such a union exists. Granted there are those who remain Clanless.


Gossip surrounds those few who have no known Clan, rumors of scandalous unions producing impure offspring that could ruin the bloodlines of the Clans. These children are often bullied and abandoned by society or their parents.
The taboo is even harsher for those who are born to nobility. The desire to keep the Clans pure has caused much heartach, for love knowns no Clan. Many have fallen in love with peoples from other Clans, though they fear even confessing their feelings.

Alastyre not only has someone in his heart that is from another Clan, but that person is also a man. Though they are bound by phrophesies, magic, and even their ties to the throne, such a love is all but forbidden to Alastyre. He fears his heart, and desperately burries these feelings.


If he were to one day gain power, he could make a difference in the taboos, but there is much unknown even to him. His fear of his feelings, fear of rejection, and fear of losing the people he cares most about could drive him down the path of Darkness. The outcome of his own heart is yet unclear.


When that day comes, I pray he will see with open eyes, the way love sees. Not colored by Clans, sex, gender, or belief, but open to a person for all that they are. Accepting their flaws, and strengths, forging through the Darkness with committed hearts and passion that will outshine any shadow.


I pray that day will come for Shilon and her people. And perhaps, if we’re lucky, to the Earth as well.


A bit of a different post in light of recent news, but I felt it was appropriate considering how much alike some of my characters’ problems are to people of today. I hope you enjoyed some of the background regarding my Shilon story.


Blessings Be

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