Resilience and Perseverance

Summer is nearly upon us, at least the sweltering heat and soggy afternoons are in full swing.

African Iris growing in our front yard

African Iris growing in our front yard

We have ants in our backyard. No big deal. It’s sort of an unwritten rule of living in Florida.

There are a couple different species of ants native to Florida, however there are only two that really matter. One is pretty harmless and goes by the sweetly innocent name of “Sugar Ant.” By all rumors and gossip about this tiny creature, Sugar Ants prefer sweet things like food. They basically raid your unattended (sometimes attended) picnics. They are also the ones that most commonly sneak into your home and form a long trail working to bring food to their queens.

The other type of ant nearly all Floridians know as the despised demon from hell; the “Fire Ant.” These red demons breath fire between their pinchers and if you’ve ever been bitten by one, or a whole mound (which is the most common means of being attacked), then you fully understand the reason Floridians have pools in their backyards.

Sure, it gets hot here in Florida, but we have the beach. Swimming pools are blessed relief from the gates of hell unleashed by Fire Ants. Once they swarm (they nearly always travel in armies) the only means of purifying these demonic spawn is by baptism in some body of water. Those who are do not have a pool have relied on hoses and indoor bathtubs, all of which help cleanse the miasma that pulses through these Fire Ant’s pinchers and cause red whelps to form across the surface of the inflamed skin.

I’m not sure what kind of ant we have in our backyard, but I do know they are resilient. It has been raining a lot lately, and instead of rebuilding their little dirt mounds after each storm, these ants (I am going to go out on a limb here and say they’re probably the hellish Fire Ants), have decided they’ve had enough rebuilding. They’ve relocated their structure to the small sanctuary of my porches’ overhang and have built their mound right up against the meshed screen.

ant hill

The definition of determination

I am very impressed with this mound’s structure, since the ants managed to build their little home without getting much dirt through the screen. I don’t know how long it will last, but I will keep an eye on them today, because they will probably be poisoned tomorrow after I show their ingenious design to my husband.

If you live in Florida, you understand that any ant hill, regardless of whether formed by Sugar Ants or Fire Ants must be destroyed. Doesn’t matter what methods you use, drown them, poison them, or simply destroy their structure, the little devils always come back. They will find a way to rebuild and relocate and wait for your unsuspecting toe to touch the edge of their hill before they swarm.

Needless to say, I am impressed and reminded of the Biblical Proverb – “Go to the ant thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise.” For despite the opposition, these little buggers continue to come back.

I too will continue to persevere in my efforts.

As always,

~ Creative Crafting Everyone

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