The Apple Collection

I can sense fall in the air. I know it isn’t quite time, but Pumpkin Everything is back and so is the Great Pumpkin Search. We already know I LOVE am completely obsessed with Pumpkins!

But there is another thing that reminds me of fall… Apples!

apple charms

Handmade Apple Charms

Apples remind me of returning to school, hay rides,Halloween, Fall Festivals, apple cider, caramel apples, baked apples, and yes Fall!

In honor of the wonderful joy apples bring me I have made a small charm collection featuring my polymer apples. They are now available at my Etsy Shop. I have Apple earrings, charms, and necklaces for people and BJDs.

Let’s not forget Halloween! For those who are looking for a fun spooky treat, I also have Rotten Apples, or as I like to call them “Zombie Apples!”

Zombie Apple Charms

Zombie Apple Charms

I’m sure more wonderful halloweening fun will appear in the next few months. There will be more Great Pumpkin Search items added as I explore new and classic pumpkiny delights.

In other news, I’m on Pinterest! Feel free to follow me or share your pinterest boards with me. I find the site completely addicting and am having way too much fun pinning things. I need to start doing some of the wonderful pins I’ve found. When I do, I will definitely post about my experiences. 😉

Until next time~

Creative Crafting Everyone!

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