Happy July!

Happy July Fireworks

Already halfway through 2012!

The year is already halfway through. It has been a very productive and busy year for me. I made it through the conventions and now have new items at my Etsy Shop. I am also in the process of wrapping up a new writing project and have finished the first full-length draft.


Looking back at the year thus far, I have to admit I am very proud of where I’ve come. There are some things I hoped would have made progress, and those disappointments do haunt me more than I would like to openly admit. However, I feel disappointment can open doors to new adventures. Let me explain…


written ideas for new project

I have an idea for another book, completely unrelated to my previous work and based in the modern world. It is current and a bit edgy, so I felt I should pursue the project. In a matter of months I completed the book and I finally have a grasp on my writing style.


Yep, after working on something completely different, I actually learned about myself. I figured out how I enjoy telling a story. From the practice I gathered working on the new project, I learned to write in a much stronger way. I call that success!


I will continue my crafts and hopefully get some decoupage done.

I just discovered ModPodge and I am addicted! More on that later. =)


Until Next Time!

~ Creative Crafting Everyone

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