Gearing up for Metrocon 2011

MetaCynth will have a table in Artist Alley West 2K at Metrocon, June 17-19.

I’ve been really busy making as many charming things as I can in order to bring a variety of wares to the convention. Here is a sneak peak at how things are coming along.

The Creation of a Charming Zombie Cat-

concept sketches

Concept Sketches

  • First I draw some sketches of what types of charms I would like to make.
soft pastels

Zombie Colors

  • Then I prepare the colored pastels. I use soft, chalk-like, pastels to color the polymer clay. I use an artist knife to shave off some of the pastel powder to have a fine consistency that I can spread over the clay with a brush.
Clay Kittehs

Basic Clay Shape

  • I shape the polymer clay into the form I want.
    – Here, I am making zombie cats, so I start with a basic cat-shape. I use Sculpey III for most of my polymer charms.
    – After getting the basic shape together, I will sculpt details into the little figures. In this case I will sculpt some bite marks and gouges for gruesome zombie details.
coloring charms

Charming Colors

  • Next I “paint” the soft pastel onto the clay using a cheap, plastic paint brush. This can be messy, but a lot of fun. The trick is to layer the colors.
Half Baked Zombies

Half-Baked Zombies

“Oh Noes! The zombies are on fire!”


  • In order to “set” the clay you need to bake it according to the manufacturer’s directions. I have a dedicated toaster oven for all my craft baking, since I bake a lot and in large batches.
    – Another tip is to make your polymer creations on a bake-able surface (like a tile) that you can easily transfer to the oven, without having to handle your soft clay too much.
    – Also, the soft-pastels are bake-able. You should be careful when baking things, and make sure that whatever you put in or on your clay can handle high heats.
Zombie Kittehs Complete

Zombie Kittehs are Coming!

They have arisen to feast on brains and catnip!

  • After baking, and cooling I add a layer of gloss glaze medium. I use Triple Thick by DecoArt. Let Dry! Then paint on their faces with acrylic paints. Let Dry! And add another coat or two of the clear gloss glaze.

Now I have a horde of Zombie Kittehs ready to unleash on the world, or at least on Metrocon!

Hope the tips and tricks help with your own crafting needs.

If you are going to be in the Tampa Bay area on June 17th-19th stop by Metrocon, Artist Alley West 2K, and say Hi! I’d love to meet you.
I’ll be bringing the Zombie Kittehs along with other fun handmade items for sale in Artist Alley.

~Creative Crafting Everyone!

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