Hello everyone. Sorry for the absence on the blog front. There has been a lot happening on my side of the universe which has kept me from giving my blog some love. The most major thing that has happened is a schedule change. My husband works in the IT field, and was assigned to the Third Shift, also known as the Graveyard shift (yeah, pretty sure vampires work this shift). Since I am self-employed it was in our best interest as a team for me to join him on his shift…


So I have been living the life of a vampire–minus the blood sucking and immortality.

My day begins around 5pm and ends around 8am. I sleep during the daylight hours and only see maybe a total of 2 hours of sunlight in a given day. Thankfully with daylight savings I have been able to see more of the sun recently than before.


Anyways, the new schedule has changed my focus a little when it comes to designs. I wasn’t spending much time on my crafting, and while I have a few new recipes to share, I have a hard time taking photos, since lighting is a huge problem at night. I do hope to share a couple recipes soon.


In other news, I have officially purchased a table for the Artist Alley at METROCON 2011 . If you will be in the Tampa Bay area around the weekend of June 17th, feel free to drop by. I would love to see you. I am in the process of making a bunch of new items for the convention, and hopefully will have some pics of those up soon.


I also wanted to mention that I have created a MetaCynth YouTube channel: link. I will be uploading some videos in the near future. Most of the videos will focus in my new hobby, but I hope to also include some tutorials and tips for crafters.


Speaking of new hobby… I am about to join the wonderful world of BJDs, as in Ball Jointed Dolls. I have already ordered, and am paying off my first dolls. I have wanted some sort of 3-dimensional representation of the various characters in my novels, and until about a year ago I had fully planned to try to create those figures out of clay myself. However I discovered the wondrous and customizable world of BJDs and was hooked. I spent hours searching for the perfect doll that could be my main character, Amniese. I finally found her (a Doll Zone, Orlando version 3), and snatched her up. I am hoping to receive her this summer. I’ll be posting pictures and videos with more information about her. I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!


With the new hobby, I am planning to make miniatures. I am hoping to be able to create some items that BJD owners or even Doll House owners might be able to use. I want to make accessories that you and your doll could wear. It would be nice to have matching necklaces or something. I also want to make props, like food and drinks that would be the right size for the larger BJDs. As far as I can tell, there aren’t a lot of miniatures for a 1/3 size doll, so I would love to remedy that with my sculpey skills.


I will try to keep the blog updated with information and random tidbits of insight to my world. I would like to note that I have been drawing more too, so my New Years challenges are slowly being met!


How are you doing on your New Year Goals? Have you completed the things you set out to do for 2011 or made any progress? I would love to know. Feel free to share in the comments or on FaceBook.


Until Next Time

~Creative Crafting Everyone

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