Inspiration: 37 Seconds

37 Second Subway Art

Just wanted to share some Subway Art that I recently made in Photoshop.

The above quote is taken from the movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. I really loved the message of this one little poem that Mr. Magorium (played by Dustin Hoffman) said while standing in a clock shop waiting for exactly 37 seconds to pass.

I hope that you are also encouraged by the poem and use your time, no matter how little it may seem, “well.”

Here is a little something that I have been spending time on:

polyer hair barrette

Pink Polymer Sakura Branch Barrette

In my next blog post I will be sharing a little insider process on how I make my polymer sakura flowers, as well as how I made the barrette.

I wanted to also thank CreationByShellie for featuring my Sakura Branch Barrette on her blog:  ( Just My Little Tea and in an Etsy Treasury. She has some lovely beach isnpired creations for sale, so please check her out.

Do you have any encouraging mantras, poems, or quotes? Please share them in the comment section bellow or on facebook.

~ Creative Crafting Everyone

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