Resolving Resolutions

Happy 2011 Everyone!

pink polymer charms

Pink Polymer Preview

The holidays are over. The new year has begun. Now everyone is thinking about goals and resolutions. I too, have some things in mind I would like to achieve over the course of this year. Instead of the term “resolution” I will use the term “challenge.”

I have decided to focus on three challenges this year.

First Challenge of 2011: Re-write Amniese

Amniese the Forgotten One

Amniese the Forgotten One

Upon reviewing one of my projects, I sat down and asked myself, “who is Amniese?” In my response I realized that I have to rewrite Amniese. She lacked depth and I want her to be dynamic. So, my first challenge is to write Amniese in this new light.


Second Challenge of 2011: Honing my Crafts with MetaCynth on Etsy

Shrink art Keychains

Kawaii Kimono Keychain (shrink plastic)

As you can tell, I am creating handmade items and selling them on my Etsy Shop. I really want to challenge myself to grow as a craft artist, and develop my handmade skills. I have been looking up tutorial after tutorial, and want to take everything I am learning and apply it in my products. I really enjoy making things with my hands, and really want  to share those items with the world. I hope to achieve this through my Etsy Shop and creating more adorable accessories to share.


Third and Final Challenge: Grow as an artist

sketch by CM Design Studio

Sketch done with pencil and ball point pen

I am challenging myself to draw at least one full page scene each month for the year of 2011. I will probably draw scenes from my novel, as that is what I am primarily focused on, but I am not going to limit myself to just that. I know some artist on Deviant Art who are drawing something every day for the whole year, but because of the priority of my other two challenges, I don’t feel that I have the ability to draw something every day, instead I hope to work on one main project daily to complete it each month. This way at the end of the year I can chart my progress and hopefully see how I have grown.


So with that, I hope that you have a wonderful 2011. I also hope to fill this blog with a variety of completed challenge updates and fun things throughout the year.

~Creative Crafting Everyone

What are some of your goals/resolutions/challenges for 2011?

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