Holiday Helper Hints: Charming Décor

Looking for that little something that will make your tree or walls unique? How about using things that you already have, or things that you can reuse after the holidays are over?

Charms, earrings, jewelry, and old scraps from leftover projects make nice additions to any holiday décor.

Christmas Decorations

A small 18” craft table tree makes a great display item or centerpiece for your holiday meals. Decorate this tree with small things you have around the house.

Do you have old earrings that you never wear? Do you have an earring you’ve held onto in hopes of finding it’s match, but have yet to recover that second earring? How about giving those earrings a second life on your tree or as decorations around your home?

earring tree ornament

Lately I have been making a variety of polymer clay charms for my Etsy Shop. Some of those charms I’ve decided not to sell for various reasons, but now have them sitting in my craft drawers. Do you have any clay charms that you don’t use? What about your children, do they have little charm jewelry pieces that may have lost parts or are missing their chains? You can easily add these small items to a small craft tree (available at Big Lots, some Dollar Stores, or craft stores). These make great “children” trees for your kids to have in their room or decorate with their own set of toys, charms, or decorations.

polymer charm ornaments

I used to have a small tree that I bought small lights for and would use as a holiday nightlight when I was younger. It became a holiday tradition between my siblings and I  that we would spend the night in my room on Christmas Eve, sleeping with my little tree lit, and listening to Christmas music.

Charms are also good for adding a personal touch to stockings.

stocking with polymer charm

When we brought home our live tree this year, it was covered in a cotton like netting. The netting was red and white striped like a candy cane, so I decided I wanted to keep it. I found the perfect use for this netting and “up-cycled” it in this display.

upcycled netting for christmas

I also added a bow to a candy jar we had, and made it a little more “festive.” It may not be fancy but it makes me smile.

Earlier this year I hosted a friend’s bridal shower and one of the colors was red. I made these paper flowers out of red and white crepe paper attached them to the wall with wall-safe sticky adhesive. They were three dimensional wall art, that I didn’t have the heart to get rid of, so I have re-used them for Christmas decorations. The red and white matches my other candy-cane inspired decorations. They give the walls extra dimension and re-use something I already have. (Tutorial for these can be found here: link)

wall flowers

Sometimes we just have to rethink things we already have and find creative ways to re-use them for different occasions. I hope this blog post has helped some. If you have re-used or up-cycled anything for the holidays feel free to tell us about it in the comment section bellow or on facebook.

~Creative Crafting Everyone & Happy Holidays!

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