Great Pumpkin Search Finale

Wizarding World Pumpkin Juice

Jack O'wl with two glasses of Pumpkin Juice from Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Jack and I made it to Hogsmeade just outside of Hogwarts (aka The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal’s Islands of Adventure Orlando)! First we stopped by the Owl Post to say hi to his friend, who told us where to get some Pumpkin Juice. We then headed over to Three Broomsticks were we had lunch and had our first try of Pumpkin Juice.

At Three Broomsticks there were two different kinds of Pumpkin Juice on tap. You could get regular Pumpkin Juice or Pumpkin Fizz, which is a carbonated version. We decided on regular Pumpkin Juice with our meals.

The drink was magical. Upon first sip I noticed the swirling flavors of apple and pumpkin. It almost tasted like a blend of apple cider and pumpkin pie. There were plenty of spices that flavored the cup. It was sweet and unique to any juices we have here in the Muggle world.

You can purchase a 16oz bottle of Pumpkin Juice at a number of side carts found peddling the streets of Hogsmeade. On the label of the bottle is tells that the contents are apple juice, pumpkin puree, apricot  puree and some other ingredients.

bottled pumpkin juice

Jack with a bottle of Pumpkin Juice

I would like to say that Universal outdid themselves with the detail of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You really felt like you were transported into this magical world. In the windows of the village shops were active displays that would “come to life.” You can visit several gift shops right out of the movies/books like Honeydukes,  Zonko’s Joke Shop, and Ollivander’s Wand Shop to name a few.

Another concoction I have to mention is Butterbeer. This smooth beverage tastes like cream soda with a creamy butterscotch topping. If you ever visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter be sure to try out both beverages and enjoy yourself.

Thank you for following the Great Pumpkin Search of 2010 and Happy Halloween! =)

~Creative Crafting Everyone!


November Preview:  Jack and I were out looking for Halloween Pumpkins when we ran into Jack’s cousin, Tom the Turkey Hoot.

tom turkey hoot and jack o'wl hoot plushies

Jack and Tom catching up

Tom will be joining me in featuring fall recipes throughout the month of November. Send your recipes via the comment section bellow or by Facebook.

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