Great Pumpkin Search #5

Jack O’wl and I were on our way to Hogwarts when we stopped for some breakfast at IHOP. We had heard that IHOP had Pumpkin Pancakes, and knew we had to try them out.

IHOP pumpkin pancake display

Jack posing in front of the tabletop display for Pumpkin Pancakes

At first I felt slightly disappointed because I didn’t see Pumpkin Pancakes listed on the menu. I was about to ask the waitress when Jack spotted a table topper with exactly what I was looking for.

According to the table topper the Pumpkin Pancakes are made with real pumpkin, accented by the spices and topped with whipped topping. You can order a Pumpkin Pancake Combo or Pumpkin Pancake Plate. I went ahead and ordered the Pumpkin Pancake Combo, which included two Pumpkin Pancakes with two eggs, hashbrowns and your choice of bacon strips or sausage links. Excitedly I waited for the pancakes to arrive.

Firstly I must say the presentation of the pancakes was lovely. The Pumpkin Pancakes were topped with a fancy dollop of whipped topping that was dusted with pumpkin pie spices. I poured old fashioned maple syrup over the cakes and enjoyed them with my meal. The cakes were warm, fresh and yummy. The pumpkin flavor was evident but not overpowering.

pumpkin pancakes

Two Pumpkin Pancakes from IHOP and Jack

I’m not sure how long the Pumpkin Pancakes will be available at IHOP but I recommend them to anyone who likes pancakes and pumpkin.

Look forward to the next entry where I will be concluding the Great Pumpkin Search with my trip to Hogwarts and my experience with Pumpkin Juice.

~Creative Crafting Everyone!

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