Great Pumpkin Search #4

Rita's Pumpkin Pie Ice

Jack O'wl with Rita's Pumpkin Pie Ice

Jack O’wl and I made it by Rita’s just before they ran out of their Pumpkin Pie Ice.

Never heard of Rita’s? “Ice-Custard-Happiness” is their slogan and they make Italian Ice, Frozen Custards, Gelati, and other blended frozen treats. Their Italian Ice is made fresh daily from fresh fruits and ingredients. For more info check out their website

Rita’s Pumpkin Pie Ice is by far the freshest pumpkin pie treat we have tried. The pumpkin taste is strong, and welcoming. The first bite was amazing! The smooth cool taste that comes from Rita’s Ices are prevalent, while the flavors of pumpkin pie spices are strong. You can instantly tell that they used real pumpkin puree to make this treat.

I ordered a regular size, but I think something slightly smaller, like a kids size, would have been sufficient. Even though the taste was wonderful, it felt a little overwhelming after awhile. Perhaps if I had had a straw, and drank it like a Slushee it would have been easier to consume. I did finish the whole thing. (Being that I am in Florida, the weather was pretty hot, and the Ice was welcoming.)

Jack and I will be headed over to Orland next week. Jack heard from some other Hoots over at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Islands of Adventure, that they have a drink called “Pumpkin Juice.” We’re hoping to head over there and try that out! We will return with a full report sometime next week.

I will also be dedicating the next segment of Blog posts to homemade fall treats. I will try to post as many pumpkin recipes and fall favorites as I can, in order of how I make them. If you have any recipes you want featured, be sure to post them in the comment section bellow or if you follow me on Facebook, be sure to send them to me there too. November will be a month of cooking! You might even meet another Hoot, and/or some other creation from MetaCynth. Look forward to it! 😉

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~Creative Crafting Everyone!

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